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Serving Customer in the Heartland

Serving Customers in the Heartland

15 States, 11 Market Cities,1 Million Sq. Miles, 1 customer at a time


We are a professional sales organization representing world class technology manufacturers.


  • Markets Served

    • We serve customers the heartland. 11 unique market cities

  • Team

    • Let's face it, in the sales profession people are the ONLY tangible asset and we make certain to hire and train only the best. Our profile is young (at least young at heart), competitive and smart with a great work ethic. We like to say that "Sales is not complicated, but it is hard work!" and our people know how to put in the work that produces results.

      And btw... our sales engineers actually ARE degreed engineers; 18 of them and counting. You don't have to have an engineering degree to sell to engineers but with advanced technology it sure can help!

  • Structure

    • Victory Sales is a collaborative, self-managed organization. In addition to having product knowledge, our sales team understands our supplier’s business development strategy and management expectations.

      We cover a large territory but approach each market individually. We are convinced that a solid selling team needs to think LOCALLY which is why each of our teams are tasked with "owning" their market. We expect each market team to have access and influence at every key account as well as deep, impactful relationships with our channel partners.

      We scale this model by leveraging our IT infrastructure and operational and administrative resources across all 11 markets. Victory delivers the results you need and drives highest ROI for your commission investment.

  • Suppliers

    • A successful sales organization needs winning products. Victory Sales suppliers are world class and provide quality technology solutions.

  • Distribution Partners

    • No man is an island, and that's certainly true in the sales world. Our colleagues in the distribution channel are valued partners and integral to serving our customers. Our process is simple: answer the phone and return calls, work tirelessly to resolve issues, provide value at the customer and communicate openly and honestly. Of course, the best way to develop a strong and successful relationship is identifying, driving and closing deals together.

  • Sales Process

    • We are committed to Consultative Selling in the Context of Customer Architectures. Yes, it's a mouthful but the process ensures that our suppliers’ solutions are advocated where they will add the most value and we don't waste our customers time. For our suppliers the result is winning faster AND losing faster, providing quicker time to revenue for all stakeholders. For our customers this means that when they need to innovate or really execute on a tight timeline we are there to advocate the solutions that will enable their success. This could be as simple as providing samples for a cross on their BOM to thinking outside the box and offering solutions that can enhance their product and put them ahead of competition. We talk to a lot of industry insiders and listen very closely to understand technology trends; we ARE the word of mouth in innovation. So, when one of our Sales Engineers call a customer they can be assured we are their Trusted Technology Advisor.

  • Systems

    • Everyone needs accurate, real time data to run their business. "Data Analytics" and "Big Data" drive decisions and instead of resisting the "overhead" of tracking sales we embraced it and pioneered SFA tools 15yrs ago with custom, internet based solutions. Today we internally manage an enterprise class based cloud solution that we fully customize to meet all of our suppliers needs. We have always believed that the sales process is objective and measurable; our tools allow us to track and manage funnel growth but more importantly accelerate deals through the funnel and to closure.

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Deep Expertise in the following Vertical Markets



Victory’s bread and butter. Winning in applications ranging from smoke detectors to inverters.


Aerospace & Defense

Let us help you win in this high high growth space.



Our fastest growing segment. The team is lead out of MI but spans the entire geography as electronics content continues to grow.


White Goods

Driven by consumer expectations of connectivity and reliability this segment has a large TAM in the Heartland and Victory is winning at all the major players.


Our Team