Victory People Photography

  • Use iPhone Portrait mode to take pictures of office personnel which will blur the background. Try to have as much space as you can behind the subject and the back wall - this will create that nice blurred background and help the subject stand out.

  • Take the picture holding the phone horizontally and position the subject to the left side of the frame.

    • This allows us to create an optional full bio page and then place information over to the right of the subject

  • Optimally, no windows behind the subject, but to the left or right side of subject helps create more dimension - though no window or side light is completely fine.

  • Subject should face their body about 20 degrees to the left or right so they’re body is not facing directly towards the camera and then turn their head to face towards the camera.

    • Subject should also try to move their ears forward a little - sometimes called “turtling” - push the head forward just a bit. This will feel a little unnatural but it provides a much nicer neck and chin line. This is also why we angle the body and then turn the head to face the camera - it’s helping with that same technique.

  • While taking several shots, subject should also try some poses where they tilt their head a little either left or right - again, this helps in creating more attractive angles that while awkward to the subject, will look more attractive with the final picture. Take several pictures trying this and some without tilt.

  • Include a shot of the background with no subject (a reference shot).


Text some sample images to 630-699-3040 and I’ll immediately provide feedback.